9:00 am — 1:00 pm
Ben May Library
Ben May Library, 701 Government St., Mobile, AL, 36602, United States
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In response to the churches/pastors and a political group protesting outside the library against Drag Queen Story Hour, Kimberly Wright Knowles (straight mom of LGBTQ kids who loves Jesus and does not want to see kids exposed to hate) has created a counter protest of love, grace and peace that will help shield the children and parents and those in the LGBTQ Community from hate and condemnation.  Wear your family friendly pride attire, bring hugs, and bottled water and cupcakes if you can. Posters to hold up that are fun and family friendly supporting our LGBTQ community.

Parking: Cornerstone MCC parking lot at 1007 Government St. or the Mobile Civic Center.

Unless you have a child going to Story Time please allow library patrons to use the library parking lot.

The Protest: We are going to surround the library and be on the side walk, without impeding the driveways or traffic signs. We may be sharing this space with people who are politically different than us or have different religious views than us. They may or may not be nice to us. Offer them a bottle water, cupcake or hug should they bother you.
There will be people in the crowd in plain clothes for security purposes.
We want to keep it clean as this is a FAMILY advent and our purpose is to shield children and those in the LGBTQ community from hatefulness and intolerance.


September 8, 2018
9:00 am—1:00 pm
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Kimberly Wright Knowles

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