On third Sundays we offer a contemplative service of sung prayers, silence, and enacted prayers. Yesterday at the end of the service our congregation walked to a room now dedicated for the LGBTQ Peer Teen Support Group we’re launching next Saturday–in partnership with Free2Be.org. Last Saturday over a dozen from Open Table cleaned and refurbished the room for the teen support group. As we lined the perimeter of the youth room on Sunday, I offered the following blessing for the sacred space it will become for many teens. –Ellen Sims

A Blessing for LGBTQ Peer Teen Support Group
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May this room cocoon bodies and souls into their full beauty and release them into their full freedom.

May this be a refuge from stigma and slurs, a haven where all are accepted and affirmed.

May this be a womb where souls are formed for action in this world and emerge in eagerness for all that is yet to be.

May this be a house of kindness and respect, where healing finds a steady pace, where dignity and forgiveness prevail, where patience of spirit is prized, where delight and tears are honored.

May this be a listening room where whispered stories are held as sacred.

May this be a triage of welcome for the wounded, a hospital for hurt hearts.

May the teachers of this classroom be both young and old, gay and straight and trans, black and white and brown, male and female and all the permutations and explorations of identity, sexuality, human potentiality, and love.

May this place host a nonstop party celebrating every sign of hope.

May no guest arrive without a welcome. May no host leave without a blessing.


Open Table United Church of Christ
January 17, 2016

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