Rhoda Vanderhart

“I love my church because my pastor doesn’t tell me what to think but encourages me to think!”

At times the pastor facilitates a lively Sermon Talk Back discussion after worship or invites worshipers to comment or ask questions during the service.

Justin Litaker

“Open Table is an opportunity to be part of a community grounded in love and in pursuit of social justice. It is an opportunity to live an authentically Christian existence.”

Our current advocacy for marriage equality in Alabama is one way we have expressed love and pursued justice.



Chloe Duren

“We are the church wherever we go”

The church is people, not a building. Open Table intentionally focuses our resources on human needs rather than expensive facilities. That means we try to see where God is at work in the world and join in that work. In this way we can take the church out into the community.

Kiera Willis

“I love my church because from day one I have felt like part of a loving, caring family.”

No matter who—no matter what—no matter where we are on life’s journey—we all belong to God and to one worldwide community of faith.



Susan Granade

“I love the UCC and Open Table in particular because I don’t feel ridiculous mentioning my concern for animals and for the environment.”

When confronted with environmental responsibility, we are called to spiritual and lifestyle transformation based on justice and reverence for all of God’s creatures and creation.

Steve Horn

“I love my church because my church believes in me. They believe my faith, however I construe it, can can be a force for good in the world.”

Open Table supports a persistent search for God that engenders love, strengthens faith, dissolves guilt, and gives life purpose and direction.